Simplify and Accelerate Your Transition to ServiceNow

ServiceNow Express

ServiceNow Express is a great option for starting with ServiceNow. Kilderkin has a team dedicated to the successful implementation and ongoing expansion of Express capabilities. Our goal is to help you accelerate the automation of your daily support tasks, track team progress with a high degree of visibility, and easily measure service management outcomes. Best of all, Kilderkin has pre-configured prescriptive deployment.

Adopt Express quickly with confidence

With an experienced and dedicated team.

Why should an Express solution take a long time to implement? We don't think it should. That's why we assign an experienced dedicated team who will take the most popular configurations, a pre-populated implimentation plan, to make it super-simple for customers to see what they are getting before we start anything.

And when you're ready to upgrade to Enterprise...

Our Enterprise Upgrade Quotes are Valid for 1 year

We approach this task carefully, from day one. Utilizing our expertise in Enterprise and by assigning the same resources who implemented and supported your Express deployment, we make sure that if you plan on upgrading, any customizations or work you did in Express will translate to Enterprise seamlessly and quickly. Allowing you to get into production quicker.

Need Administration delivered by Express Experts?

Ours are onshore and many are former military.

Clients often approach Kilderkin wanting to modernize their business model and processes with standardized IT practices. Our services cater to clients interested in maturing into modernized frameworks but are either unsure how to do it or do not have the resources. Kilderkin is staffed with experienced ServiceNow experts, all of which are on-shore, and most of which are veterans now entering the workforce. This gives our customers the security and assurance they need while working with their knowledgable and dedicated support team.

Looking for Cost-effective solutions for gaining more value?

Kilderkin delivers monthly on-line forums to show you how you can leverage more Express capabilities

Presented in a DIY format, you will be able to watch these presentations live every month, or utilize them as reference in the future as we make them available on-demand after the event. After viewing the forum, customers can use what they’ve learned and deploy business valuable functionality to maximize ROI. Don't have the time or resources to deploy the value? Kilderkin will be there, ready to help.

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