Kilderkin Group

Prescriptive Implementations

Leveraging decades of experience, our ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialists have developed a completely new method for implementing ServiceNow. 

Rather than ask you a series of mundane questions that hundreds of other ServiceNow customers have already answered, we give you the answers – And with the Kilderkin configuration pages, you have the ability to change your mind whenever you want.

Most partners leverage update sets to accelerate go-live dates.  While this can be a good short-term strategy, it can create barriers to adopting others parts of the platform and usually delays the adoption of new releases

Kilderkin’s approach provides a better foundation for your companies’ ServiceNow journey.

­The goal of each of our implementations is to empower your organization, save your employee’s time, preserve your subscription time, and accelerate your return on investment.

­Our typical implementation time is 4 weeks, includes comprehensive documentation, leverage’s ServiceNow’s Automated Testing Framework, provide on-demand training, and a provide a better overall introduction to ServiceNow. 

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