Gain Visibility into Datacenter Infrastructure and Streamline Daily Operations

IT Operations Management

Kilderkin is one of only a handful of ServiceNow Accredited ITOM partners in North America. We have the expertise and datacenter disciplines needed to effectively implement Discovery, Service Mapping, Event Management, Orchestration and other modules in the ITOM suite. Our experience can help reduce negative impacts and provide visibility into how resources are being utilized to more effectively optimize IT spend.

Automated Bottoms-up Discovery

Provision, update, and clone complete business services automatically.

Increase productivity and agility by automating business processes across the enterprise.

Break down provisioning into modular sets of infrastructure services that can easily be updated or enhanced to adapt requirements to multiple environments and technologies.

Top-down Services Visibility

Understand key relationships between Services and Infrastructure

Creating an accurate, service‑aware view of infrastructure and keeping it up‑to‑date is a challenge, particularly with conventional, manual approaches. Our patented “top‑down” approach to service mapping discovers and maps the relationships between IT components that comprise specific business services, even in dynamic, virtualized environments. Service Mapping continuously monitors IT infrastructure for service‑affecting changes and updates service maps in real‑time.

Restore Lost Services Quickly

Integrate operations with ServiceNow's incident management

Leverage ServiceNow's single system of record to set threshold alerts and automatically open and assign tickets to the right resources. Then track remediation steps to improve process and demonstrate governance.

Take Orchestration to the next level

Increase productivity and agility by automating business processes across the enterpriseIncrease productivity and agility

Kilderkin can help you take Self-Service and Orchestration to the next level through the constant monitoring and management of infrastructure, new requests can be assigned to the resources best able to accept them.

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