We’re Hiring!

Kilderkin is redefining the services market and changing the perception of professional services.We are passionate business and technology professionals that are acutely focused on customer success and are looking for other professionals that feel the same way.

Culture and Values

At Kilderkin, we are always looking for the best & the brightest – those that reflect and embody our values of intelligent, inventive, and inspiring.

Intelligent: The capacity to acquire and apply knowledge; mentally acute; showing sound judgment and rationality.

Inventive: Adept or skillful at inventing; creative.

Inspiring: To influence, move, or guide


Kilderkin recognizes that employee benefit programs are an important part of the total compensation package and offers benefits including the following:

Health Insurance
Disability and Life Insurance Plans
Comprehensive Leave
Education Assistance
Retirement Plans
Flexible Schedules

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